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la haine inside us | men fw23 | PARIS CUBE Showroom | 19-25 jan

la haine inside | men+woman fw23| fashion rooms DÜSSELDORF| 26-30 jan

xagon man | man fw23 | Sternhaus 5 OG DÜSSELDORF | jan-apri

la haine inside us | men + woman fw 23 | Sternhaus 5 OG Düsseldorf | jan-april



The collection goes above a further research of originality in shapes and fabrics, highlighting the details and processing techniques.

The fusion between avantgarde and street-wear gives the brand a grounded identity which strength is defined by a creative and provocative intuition.

xagon man

A thirty years experencied brand in “Made in Italy” design that brought their point of view about the beauty of trend, the perfect picture of quality/price makes Xagon Man a brand in constant trading evolution.

Research and pratical style are the basis of a strong brand with the desire to live everything and improve the own look to everyone.


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